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Are you


...not living the life you want to live - not doing what you really want to do?


...not being the person you think you are capable of being?

...wanting to make a change but not sure how or what to?


...lacking the support or confidence to go for what you really want?


If you could re-design your life to be just how you wanted it would it be the same as it is now?  For many people the answer is no and in many cases their lives bear little resemblance to the one they would have designed for themselves and they are frustrated by this but don't think that there is much they can do about it.  But there is!


We do have the power to change our lives to be as we want them to be and usually all that is stopping us is lack of belief in that potential, in ourselves and knowledge about how to do it.  I am passionate about giving people that belief and knowledge, empowering them and helping them to re-design their lives so they can realise their full potential.


So if your life isn't all that you would like it to be, if you are feeling unfulfilled, then whoever you are and wherever you are I will help you get to where and who you want to be, supporting and encouraging you on your way - being by your side and on your side until you reach your goal.


I offer a free initial consultation with absolutely no obligation so you can find out more about how I work, what we would do together and whether I would be the right coach for you so do get in touch if you would like to find out more.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Lucy Mole

How Coaching works

"With her insight, kindness and sense of fun Lucy has given me the tools to make my dream a reality"


              Yasmina Aunon             


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