Business Coaching

I have coached clients from many different fields of work including holisitic therapies; interior design; information technology; creative writing; project management; education and trainings; photography and film; engineering; innovative technology; health care; surveying; financial serices; overseas aid development; accountancy and property development and management.


Many of these clients were self-employed, some already quite established in their businesses, others just starting up and others just thinking about starting up and I am the Brighton area Coach for Office Essential (http:/ which is a Delivery Partner of the Government backed Start Up Loans Company.


Wherever you are in the process of having your own business, Coaching is a very effective resource in enabling you to realise the vision you have for it and it is a valuable source of support - sometimes running your own business can be a lonely business!


I have also coached many people in employment wanting to get more success and satisfaction from their work or change career direction and I have coached people wanting to get into employment or back into employment.  So wherever you are in your working life Coaching can take you further.


Life Coaching

Often people are puzzled about who Life Coaching is for and so whether it would be right for them.  There are two common misconceptions - that it is only for high-flying tycoons or that it is a form of therapy for people who aren't coping in their lives.  Neither is true. 


Life Coaching is a practical positive-change resource which was designed for people who are already functioning well or adequately in their lives but feel that they could achieve more, either in general or, more often, in a specific 'problem' area of their lives that they are unhappy with but have not been able to change for the better on their own.  This can have been for a variety of reasons - a lack of support; a lack of self-belief or self-worth; being restrained by other peoples' expectations of them; a lack of clarity about how to go about creating the desired change; feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the task etc - the list is endless!


I have coached very many people from all walks of life to successfully overcome these obstacles to achieve their desired goals in any and every area of their lives such as health; relationships; life/work/family balance; emotional issues such as self-confidence; finances etc.


So if you want to get the most out of your life and reach your full potential then Life Coaching is right for you whoever you are, wherever you are in your life at the moment and wherever you want to be instead.