Coaching and Counselling

Life Coaching is not a substitute for Counselling and other talking therapies though it does share some characteristics.  A good Life Coach needs to be a perceptive, empathetic and non-judgemental listener and should explore with a client why they are dissatisfied or unhappy in their life and be comfortable with them expressing their feelings.  However this is in order to find the best way to help them move on from their current state to their desired outcome and help them understand 'how' the 'why' about what has happened and is happening in their life has affected their thinking and behaviour. The focus is on changing the 'how' so that they can take successful action to create what they want, taking charge of their lives and moving from being at effect to being at cause.


For Life Coaching to be effective it is necessary for the client to be ready, willing and able to take action and move forward focusing on the future rather than the past.  If a person is not yet at that point then it is of greater benefit to them to access help and support from a Counsellor until they are able to benefit from Coaching.