I offer a free initial consultation if on the telephone and face to face for £10 which is just to cover the consultation room hire fee.


Further sessions are £90 for a 90 minute face to face session and £75 for a 90 minute telephone session.

Most practitioners see clients for a shorter session time (usually 50 - 60 minutes) weekly but I prefer to have longer sessions with a longer gap between them - usually 2 weeks. The longer session allows enough time for in-depth discussion of the issues pertinent to that session without the client feeling rushed and under pressure because of time constraints and the longer interval between sessions gives clients enough time to carry out goal action steps before the next session. A week is often too short a period for most people with busy lives. (On occasion however it is useful or necessary to have 2 sessions closer together according to circumstances).


I give a 10% discount for payment for 6 sessions in advance.


Some concessions are available on application - fees vary according to individual circumstances.


Payment in cash at the end of the session or by bank transfer.  Payments by transfer need to be completed by 48 hours in advance of the session.


48 hours notice is needed for cancellations and alterations - there is a cancellation/alteration fee of £15 if less than 48 hours notice is given.  Notice of cancellations and alterations must be given by telephone or text.