How I Coach

My sessions are longer than those of most Coaches - one hour and twenty minutes - as I have found this to be the best time-frame to allow for the most useful amount of productive discussion.  In our first session we discuss where you are in your life and work at the moment and identify and clarify the changes you want to make and what you want to achieve and the subsequent sessions are focused on helping you do whatever is necessary to achieve your desired outcome.


In each session we will decide what actions you will need to take before the next session and having help to explore and clarify what needs to be done and being given the necessary encouragement, support and accountability to do it and stay on track until you get your goal is an essential part of the coaching process.


But sometimes it can be just as important to identify and deal with what may have been getting in your way and tripping you up when you have tried to take action before, so that it won't keep on happening in the future. 


So in our sessions, as well as reviewing your previous action steps and setting new ones, we may also, if it would be helpful, spend time looking at how to develop new and different ways of thinking and behaving to replace any negative and unhelpful ones that may have become obstacles to progress in your life, sabotaging your best efforts to achieve your goals.  So often the ways we have been taught to live can get in the way of the way we want to live.


My overall aim is to help people lead as fulfilling lives as possible, unlocking their greatest potential in every area of their lives and to do so in the most inspiring and enjoyable way possible.