I have been working with Lucy periodically for nearly 2 years and she has coached me through various stages of a career change.  I chose her because I wanted to work with someone who not only understood human nature but also had a good knowledge of business and  the world of work.  Lucy has exceeded my expectations in both areas.  Retraining and starting afresh in a new career in your 30s is not without its challenges and there were some wobbly moments when I felt like going back to my old job.  I found talking to Lucy absolutely invaluable at these times, as she would use her wisdom and perspective to help me see the bigger picture.  Thanks to Lucy keeping me on track I have achieved so much in the past 2 years and now find myself in an exciting new career doing something I love.  I will continue to work with Lucy in the years to come as I value her insight and her ability to keep me working towards my goals whilst appreciating what I already have.  To me that perspective is worth its weight in gold.  I wouldn't (and dont!) hesitate to recommend Lucy to anyone who needs a helping hand in achieving personal or professional happiness.



Before seeing Lucy I didn't know where I was going in life or how to get there or how to be aware of and overcome obstacles.  I felt I needed help and researched Life Coaches to see what could help.  After talking to a few, I had a conversation with Lucy and knew that we could work together.  Thus began a journey of amazing growth that I could not have dreamed of before I met Lucy. Since working with her my whole approach and attitude to life has changed and I am happier than I have been for a very, very long time.  Lucy helps me to set goals and to achieve them.  I feel so much more myself.  I respect myself more.  I can see changes for the better in how I am and how I view the world.  My story is by no means over - I will continue to see Lucy regularly, perhaps to set new goals or perhaps just to touch base and have a maintenance check.  My life is so much better for working with Lucy and I very much want to keep up that connection and on-going growth.



When I decided to find a coach I had reached a point in my life where I was pretty unhappy.  After many years working for the same company, I felt stuck in a rut and unclear about how to move on.  I was afraid of making any changes at all due to my lack of direction.  I felt pretty lost!  Lucy was great at getting to know me and to understand the issues I was grappling with.  She was brilliant at helping me to focus on what really mattered to me, verbalise and refine a professional goal, and then later a broader goal encompassing my personal life too. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her, her methodolagy and approach, her many insights and pieces of advice, her wisdom, her enthusiasm and sense of humour, her genuine kindness.  I embarked on a journey of personal growth with her, and I leave a more confident and assertive person, much clearer and happier about where I'm going in life, where I fit and who I am.  I also got a fantastic new job.  I couldn't recommend Lucy enough!  





If there was a general rule which said that nine out of ten people were not really worth talking to then Lucy is definitely that one in ten that is!





I started seeing Lucy at a particularly low point in my life.  After a major breakdown I found myself with no job, no partner and seemingly nothing to look forward to.  Working with Lucy really helped me get back on my feet.  Her methodical, inspiring and patient work  enabled me to focus on the positive things and to make changes to my life which are still reaping rewards today,  If you are looking for a Life Coach for whatever reason I would wholeheartedly recommend Lucy.




Despite having what appeared to be a good job, a strong group of friends and a supportive partner, I felt panicked, frustrated and lost.  I met Lucy after initial meetings with a couple of other Life Coaches and knew right away that we would be a good team thanks to her open, frank and friendly communication style.  She was clear from the outset about her methodolgy and that hers was not a "quick fix" but a process that required commitment and effort to yield real, long-lasting results.  Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, stimulating conversations and a number of 'ahah!' moments, Lucy has helped me to find real clarity, perspective, balance and peace.  Plus, I now feel equipped with the tools to take on any future bumps in the road.  It was truly a life-changing experience and I will be forever grateful to Lucy for it!  I think everyone should do this.





Coaching from Lucy helped me move past the rut I seemed to have got myself in...Having achieved my post-university goals professionally, I had become "comfortable" but under challenged in a role that not only left me not wanting to go into the office, but also made it hard to leave and find something new.  Working with Lucy helped me understand values personal to me and to find a direction that fitted more closely with these values by taking a view of my life as a whole.  Lucy helped me plan a manageable transition strategy, as "going in at the deep end" went against my values.   I'm now solidly on that transition path and enjoying the journey. Lucy helped me to realise my potential-to-succeed which has in turn removed a large amount of worrying about the future from my everyday life.




It's been magic!  My entire life has changed for the better.  Lucy has had an ability to relate to me and make the sessions fun and her kindness and enthusiasm were very encouraging and motivating.  I can't believe the progress I've made.  Thank you for everything .





The Coaching has made a massive difference to my thoughts, actions, reactions and perceptions of life - all positive.  I now believe in my strength and myself and I now feel I have direction - control - strength - confidence - the ability to achieve whatever I bring focus to.  If you feel you need to change your life in any way and have not yet been able to (be it from fear etc) then Coaching will show you options and paths to follow and help you find your right direction.  Thanks so very much Lucy.  Words cannot begin to say just how incredible and enlightening a journey this has been for me.





Coaching with Lucy has given me a framework of ideas and useful strategies and more confidence in myself and how to proceed in life. Thank you Lucy for all the thought, care and energy you put into your coaching.