What is Coaching?

Imagine having someone in your life who believes in you, doesn't judge you and is dedicated to helping you realise your dreams and potential, encouraging and assisting you every step of the way and keeping you on track until you reach your goals........that's what having a Coach is like.


Coaching is based on the psychology and practice of successful living and is about helping people get the most out of life. Many people are not doing this and are aware of and frustrated by a gap - sometimes a gulf! - between who and where they are in their lives and who and where they want to be instead.  Coaching is designed to help people bridge this gap and is a practical, enabling, supportive and empowering process designed to help you:


  • Identify and clarify what you want to achieve
  • Create and follow an action plan to achieve it
  • Give you the understanding, knownledge, skills and strategies to do so successfully
  • Give you the necessary consistent support, guidance and encouragement while you do it.


See the How I Coach page to find out more about how I work.


How long is the process?

To some extent this depends on the nature and complexity of the goal(s) you want to achieve but substantial, worthwhile and lasting change and achievement does take some time and effort and Coaching is not a 'quick fix' but an in-depth, collaborative process which needs to be conducted over a sufficient period of time to allow for the necessary actions to be carried out and changes to be made to reach your desired outcome.  For optimum success it is advisable to continue with the coaching until that outcome has been achieved.


The interval between sessions will vary depending on your needs, the nature of your goal and what actions you need to take.  The average interval between sessions is 2 weeks but sometimes it is advantageous to to have some sessions closer together.